Monday, September 1, 2014


Eric P. Gonchar is one of New York’s ‘Super Lawyers’. Having earned this distinction for his contribution in the field of real estate law. He has been in practice for over two decades and has had the opportunity and privilege of interacting with people from all spheres of life. His distinguished services is  not only sought by individuals but also large corporations, banks, institutions and boards.   Years in practicing law, brings with it the confidence and competence of dealing with complex situations and emerging with a favorable solution for his clients. 
Having graduated from St. John’s University School of Law and received his  BA from Syracuse     University.  He is generous in sharing his pool of knowledge and teaches other attorneys real estate transactional law at the New York City Bar Association.   His professional insight frequently find place in the New York Times Real Estate Section, The New York Post and New York Magazine as well as numerous trade papers.  He is member of numerous professional organizations including the New York State Bar Association (section of Real Property Law, Committee of Condos and Coops, Committee on Financing and Mortgages). He is often invited to speak at conferences and programs related to the real estate firms in New York.

Mr Gonchar has undertaken a number of cases related to Public Acquisition Law, where he represents the owners of large corporation to small businesses and even individuals. 
The guidelines for acquisition being to satisfy customer’s needs in terms of cost, quality and timeliness. Minimize administrative operative costs. He has effective communication skills which come to the forefront during jury trial, courtroom appearances. Disputes often arise a number of times on ‘fair compensation’. Ultimately, the compensation paid to property owners, bears testimony of his skills.

In addition, he is often called upon to represent lenders including banks, institutions and savings and loan associations in all formats of commercial and residential lending, loan restructuring  and  financing including real estate based and  asset based lending. He works out a amicable solution on loan restructuring, a road-map of recovery on troubled loans and evaluates alternative proposals, based on the financial status of the barrower. Tackling sticky issues like bankruptcy, defaults and foreclosures. Working closely with his clients to address financing and build out options for all such transactions

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Eric Gonchar- Specialist Real Estate Attorney in New York

Eric P Gonchar completed has a BA degree from Syracuse University, and then graduated from St John’s University, school of law.

Mr Gonchar has since been practicing in New York, and is very conversant with the real estate laws of New York. He has been in practice for over two decades now, and is regarded as on the best attorney by his peers as well as large corporations, who he has been representing. He also has a number of international clients, who seek him out for his expertise and knowledge of the foreign Exchange regulations and internal revenue code section 1031 of the Tax free exchanges. Understandably, his fluency in many languages helps him in dealing with international clients.

Mr Gonchar has represented his clients in public acquisition cases. He can pride himself with jury trial experience required to represent the owner, whether it is a large corporation, small business or even individuals.

Both federal and state eminent domain law requires the government agencies to provide ‘fair or just compensation’, based on market assessment of the property. Disputes arise a number of times on ‘fair compensation’ and Mr Gonchar’s firm assists their client in determining the right price for their property with the help of an appraiser... In such a case, the law requires the agency to prepare a resolution of necessity before filing an eminent domain action in court. This resolution of necessity explains why this particular property is required and the offer price. Mr Gonchar represents his client in the public hearing and his practical experience in acquisition laws is reflected in the courtroom results and the compensation his client gets.

Mr Gonchar is very selective about the cases he takes, because he wishes to ensure that his clients get the personal attention they need, while striving for the best results for them. Needless to mention here, that Mr Gonchar, is considered as one of the most proficient real estate lawyers of his clients as well as his peer fraternity. He shares his large base of knowledge through his writing in the Real estate journals and is also a speaker at various events involving real estate developers and lawmakers.

Mr Gonchar’s firm undertakes over a dozen cases a month, and his success comes from his strong belief in the concept of ethics.